Update OJS 2

Update or upgrade is very important managing a website, including Open Journal System (OJS). Vendor will regularly update the application to make improvement for the system. As a user, it is important to know how to do clean upgrade for OJS 2. This tutorial is written because many questions addressed about upgrading OJS 2. Beside, it is also due to many user still using OJS 2 for managing the journal.

There are three majors steps in upgrading OJS 2.

  1. Pre-upgrade (backup)
  2. Update
  3. post-update (setting the configuration)

Let’s do it step by steps

Pre-upgrade (backup)

This step is very critical for upgrading to make sure the system is safe in case the upgrade fail. There are two things that need to be backup, database and journal directory.  Watch the video for further instruction.


After backup the important things, now you ready to upgrade the system.

  1. Download the newest version of OJS 2.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Using FTP software, such as Winscp or Filezilla, copy all contents of the new download version of OJS, except for “Public” folder.
  4. Now you need to set the config.inc to set the web to installation mode.
  5. You ready to upgrade your OJS, go to browser and visit your domain, for example arbitrer.fib.unand.ac.id
  6. You will be directed to setup process of OJS, make sure you click “Click here” in Upgrade
  7. Then, to proceed upgrading, click Upgrade Open Journal System
  8. After process complete, change your installation mode in config.inc to on
  9. Now to complete the upgrade, you need to using terminal upgrade. On you Winscp or Filezilla, open the terminal, then check your ojs by using this script:
1. php tools/upgrade.php check
2. php tools/upgrade.php upgrade

Now you have done well in upgrading OJS 2, then you need to do the post upgrade.


After complete upgrading OJS, you need to modify several syntax in your new config.inc such as files directory, email setting, captcha, and OAI. Make sure all the setting same to the previous config. For detail process, check the video.

Bahasa Sebagai Instrumen Rekayasa Sosial


Bahasa adalah produk sehari-hari yang dihasilkan oleh manusia. Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari manusia memproduksi bahasa untuk berbagai tujuan. Manusia menggunakan bahasa untuk menyampaikan sesuatu kepada orang lain, baik itu yang bersifat abstrak maupun yang bersifat konkrit. Dengan kata lain, bahasa adalah instrument komunikasi yang diproduksi oleh organ wicara manusia. De Saussure menyatakan bahwa bahasa (language) adalah langue dan parole, atau dangen istilah Chomsky (1965) bahasa adalah competence dan performance. Continue reading “Bahasa Sebagai Instrumen Rekayasa Sosial”

How to Protect your Article/Work with Free DOI from Researchgate

The issue of originality in research and writing is a critical, especially in the academic field. As you write an article that is not published, you need to protect your work and your idea in order to avoid being stolen or claimed by other. DOI will provide your article a protection and Researchgate provides free DOI for unpublished work. The following article is taken from Researchgate and will help you to understand the DOI and how to get it for free.

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